A letter from Steve & Liz Thorpe:

We are getting ready to ship 40 to 50 tons to help Nicaragua. This is year 19. We started with one school with 40 kids and now we have 2,400 kids in 14 schools. In year two we focused on Casa Materna (shelter for pregnant moms). Since 2003 we have delivered 19,000 healthy babies at our shelter and given them a layette bag with everything they need for a new baby at home. We also send many school supplies and extra clothes.

Since 2001 (when we sent about 25 tons) we have now exceeded 1,000 tons of help for great kids, moms, and families who need a hand up.
We will start unloading a semi trailer Monday, October 5th at 8 AM in the "old" Food Bank building at #ast 11th St and Sycamore. Anyone who can help should call Liz and Steve Thorpe 319-830-3012, Dave Lee 319-231-2188 or Jim Seely 319-830-5988.
Your help will mean a lot to many people.

To participate in or support the Shoebox program, please contact Steve and Liz Thorpe or David Lee directly.