Posted on Jan 18, 2021
Dear Rotarians,
I am so grateful that Mason Fromm reached out to Bill Robert and his family recently. 
Had Mason not connected with Bill and his son Mike, we might not have had the chance to lift Bill up, send cards, or share Rotary memories with him during what turned out to be his final days. (Mason compiled a book of the 2020 Reporter highlights for Bill).
Mason shared, "Bill Robert passed away on Sunday morning (January 17th) about 12:30. They had just moved him into hospice Friday evening, and Saturday brought another day of more pain, medications, and "fuss" that Bill didn't appreciate. However, Mike was able to share our Reporter archive with him and he said Bill shared memories about a few of our members.
I'm so glad we were able to get the book in his hands Friday and I hope Bill felt the love of his club in his final hours.  
Mike said there will not be a memorial service, but I asked him to reach out if our club can be of any assistance to the family."

67 years to be committed to an organization like Rotary is admirable. We will celebrate the life of Bill Robert at our meeting today with a moment of silence. If you are not able to be with us, please take a moment to remember Bill - and if you're moved to stop by Dairy Queen - I'm sure it would make him smile if you chose to eat an ice cream cone in his memory!
Yours in Rotary,
Annie Vander Werff
President 2020-21 
If you have photos of Bill to share, please email them to Mason for inclusion in this photo album.

Read Bill's obituary and share memories here