Service Above Self Award


Life is made up of little things - little things that count a great deal.  Most us tend to think it's the big things that make a big difference and that's true...but when you trace the sequence of events that eventually led to that big opportunity, you'll realize it's the result of a lot of little things being done before that contributed to it.


The Downtown Waterloo Rotary Club wants to recognize individuals who are putting Service Above Self and doing the little things to make a big difference.  The Service Above Self Award recognizes those who demonstrate a commitment to serving others and the ambition to ignite positive and enduring change in the lives of others. The volunteer service being nominated can take place within our community or outside the area, as long as the n ominee is a resident of the CedarValley .  Consider nominating someone that lives by the Service Above Self mantra. Three awards will be given annually.  The deadline to nominate someone is December 1 (for the January award date), April 15 (for the May award), and August 1 (for the September award.)


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Julie Ehlers - Iowa's Bravest

Julie was instramental in organizing the Iowa's Bravest.  The organization have been sending appreciation boxes to our brave servicemen and women since the beginning of the war in 2003. To-date they have sent 2,460 boxes which included over 45,667 pounds (22.8 tons) of gift items. Recently she has worked to send Girl Scout Cookies from the recent Girl Scout Cookie drive.    She  < /span>has 550+ Iowa's Bravest to send the cookies to so their hope is to top the 4,500+ boxes the Girl Scouts donated last year!  There are Iowa National Guard units from Perry, Audubon, Boone, Iowa City, Davenport, Marshalltown, Mason City and Waterloo currently overseas.  Last year's donations were FANTASTIC and Iowa Bravest hopes to do as well or better this year.  Thanks to our communities continued support - our troops like being remembered.  Girl Scout cookies were shipped off to our troops in April of 2009.  Girl Scout troops from Anamosa, Jesup, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Denver and the Clayton County Troops from Elkador, Guttenberg, Garnavillo, Monona, McGregor and Marquette. in addition to the Girl Scout cookies Julie has worked to get teachers to consider having their students write letters or make some cards to include with the Girl Scout cookies.  The soldiers love reading notes from home especially from our kids.  She also has worked to help support our soldiers on a BIGGER scale by recycling cell phones through the Bergquist Family's "Cell Phones For Soldiers" program.  They have been a supporter of our Iowa's Bravest program for years by donating a calling card for all of our boxes! 

Through Julie's leadership she has brought together our children, community, and our service men in Iraq and Afganistan.  You only have to visit the Iowa's Bravest web site to read and see how her efforts have impacted our service men and Iowa citizens that have worked on bringing a part of Iowa to our service men serving overseas.

Thank you, Julie for showing us that "Service above Self" is alive in our community.

Bob Miecznikowski
Waterloo Rotary Club

Matthew Wilde from the Courier provided a great narrative, which you can read here .